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VIP Personal Romance Tours for Russia & Ukraine

Personal Introductions to ANY of the 30,000 Women from our website in Russia and the Ukraine.

  • Why choose our company?
  • The benefits
  • Meet ONE woman or MULTIPLE women
  • Answers to Questions
  • What the Individual Tour Includes
  • Fee Schedule for Independent Tour in Kiev Ukraine
  • Fee Schedule for Independent Tour in St Petersburg Russia

Our company, the first of its kind on the Internet and the first and only US-based company with full time offices in both Kiev, Ukraine, and St. Petersburg, Russia, has been aiding individual clients with their independent travel needs for more than 10 years. As a United States company, the laws and fair business practices that you expect when you are paying for services with your hard-earned money and personal credit card information bind us. We are accountable and you are always welcome to stop by our offices in the US and overseas. It is very difficult and costly to hold a foreign-based company accountable.

Our approach is guaranteed satisfaction with our services, and with meeting the women that you desire, just as it has been from day one. Let our office staff do the work for you by taking the helm to guide you on a successful, enjoyable, hassle free and stress free Individual Romance Tour.

We understand that as an individual you have the desire to meet a specific woman or several women on your trip to Russia or the Ukraine. These countries have an abundance of beautiful women and a foreign traveler could spend many weeks of tiresome, difficult, frustrating travel time and thousands of dollars, simply trying to get from city to city. Foreign travel in these countries is not easy and, as if this were not enough, there is the language problem, the need for interpreters or travel companions, accommodations, and where to find good food and drinking water.

We understand that you would like the security of trusting your trip to a highly professional and capable organization that will take a personal interest in your success. You would like the peace of mind of working with a company that has a reputation for honesty and integrity. You would like help with the unfamiliar foreign language, you would like advice on all aspects of your trip such as where to go and what to do while in the city, local customs, travel arrangements and sometimes just a caring person to listen to your concerns. We understand that for whatever reasons, be it travel dates or personal considerations, you have chosen not to join one of our Large Social Romance Tours - although we highly recommend the advantages and money-saving opportunities associated with the Large Social Romance Tours.

Avoid the possibility of being Scammed by a foreign agency or the women. Don't send money to any individual or foreign-based agency! Take time from your busy schedule and enjoy a few days in one of two of the most beautiful cities in the world - Kiev, Ukraine or St. Petersburg, Russia, while allowing Our Staff to make all the arrangements for you and the women you desire to meet, thus further insuring your success. We verify her availability to meet with you prior to your travel.

Meet her one-on-one, NOW! Book your tour today!

One or several women you would like to meet?

The Individual Romance Tour is a good option for meeting the woman or women of your choice. Our staff will do the organizing, planning and all of the logistics associated with your travel - leaving you free to explore the possibilities of interpersonal relationship building.

Free your mind to concentrate on eye-to-eye contact, chemistry and body language, and to analyze what you are hearing and being told. Free yourself to enjoy the company of this wonderful woman that you have just met. You are not familiar with the country or the language - so why travel from city to city, wasting your precious time, when we will make all the arrangements for her to come to you. Save your time and energy for the more important aspects of relationship building by avoiding long, complicated and difficult travel. You will have less war stories but more romance success in the end.

There are two sides to every coin and, upon meeting, you may find that the lady falls short of the mark or she may discover the same of you. Not a problem! Our trained professionals are there to negotiate this difficult scenario and allow you both a comfortable exit, so as not to waste any more of your valuable time. Our company is highly trusted and respected by the women of Ukraine and Russia. When our office calls these women they are assured of both their safety and reputation. These women know our company and they trust in our services - giving them the security of knowing with whom they are dealing, so they feel more comfortable investing their time and efforts in travel and a personal meeting.

Whether you choose to Meet ONE woman or MULTIPLE women, the following may answer some of your questions regarding what you can expect with your Individual Romance Tour.

Have Questions? We have Answers.

  • Where will the introduction be held?
    Our offices are located in the 4-star Rus Hotel in Kiev and the 4-star Pulkovskaya Hotel in St. Petersburg. Your introductions will be hosted in the privacy of our office or in a separate room of the hotel to give you a secure, hassle free and peaceful surrounding. Your comfort is our goal.
  • Will you help with the travel arrangements for the women I wish to meet so I don't have to send them money?
    We will make all the necessary travel arrangements for each and every woman you wish to meet that agrees to meet with you. We will purchase all tickets and arrange for travel, her room and board for the day or extended stay, and any necessary taxis or transfers prior to her arrival. We will deliver all the necessary instruments for travel by courier to her door. You pay for only the actual cost of her acquired travel, hotel and board expenses. Time is money and we save you both.
  • Will you meet us at the Airport?
    A company representative will greet you and the women you choose to meet with a welcome name sign upon your arrival and transport you to your hotel destination. Should you wish to accompany us to meet your date you are welcome to do so. Be assured, your desires are of foremost importance to us during your tour.
  • What if I don't like her once we have met in person?
    Although we wish you the greatest success, we understand that the chemistry may simply be lacking. Not a problem - our trained professional staff has navigated this course before and we will make the proper explanations, allowing you to continue on your set course of action. Let us be the buffer and break the news.
  • What if she does not like me once we have met in person?
    Again, not a problem. There are no language barriers between the staff and the women. We stress that the staff and the ladies be honest and truthful in their thoughts, and that they should feel free to relate them in order to avoid wasting your time and money. Our staff tactfully explains to all the women in our program that they are under no obligations and, by the same token, you are under no obligation for dinners, gifts or further mental, emotional or financial commitments. Let us help you to move on to the next opportunity.
  • Will you help me if I have problems?
    Our helpful, courteous and considerate staff will be available for questions, consultations, dating advice, recommendations and information about fiancee visas, customs or simply to help with dinner reservations. We are also available 24/7 in an emergency situation to aid you in your time of need. We are there for you.
  • Will you help me with my itinerary?
    Our helpful staff will contact the woman (or women) in question and, upon her consent to join you, we will schedule the arrival to obtain a workable balance between both parties. The travel dates will be made to best accommodate you and the work and personal schedules of the women whom you have invited, and to avoid conflict with multiple scheduling. Isn't it great to have someone handle all the details for you?
  • How will I communicate if the woman has less than perfect English?
    We will assist you with your initial introduction and then you will be given a FREE electronic language translator for your personal use during the tour (deposit required). This is a fun tool that can serve as a bridge to build upon your interpersonal relationship. (Should you desire a more personal touch, we have professional interpreter/translators who are available for reasonable hourly fees.) We have thought of everything to make your communication as smooth and hassle free as possible.
  • Will you give us a tour of the city?
    You will be hosted to a professional and personal guided tour of your destination city. This tour is especially designed to cover the highlights of the city, acquainting you with destinations that you will want to return to for closer examination over the course of your stay. Your enjoyment is our goal.
  • What quality of hotel will I be staying at?
    Your accommodations will be internationally rated 4-star hotels in each destination. In St. Petersburg it will be the 4-star Pulkovskaya Hotel, and in Kiev the 4-star Rus Hotel. These are the same hotels where we have chosen to locate our offices and host our Large Social Romance Tours. They are safe, comfortable and because we have an excellent ongoing relationship with each hotel, your safety and comfort are assured. (5-star accommodations available upon request for additional nightly fees or individual apartments where and when available). Do not book a tour with any agency if you are not given full information on the Hotel and you have done your own research to verify the company claims. Your comfort is our concern.
  • Why do your tour rates differ in price from Low Season to High Season?
    Summer is generally the high travel season, which means increased costs in airfares and hotel reservations. If a hotel's prices do not increase seasonally then generally there is no demand for that hotel, and there may be a very basic reason for the lack of demand due to quality or location. (Should hotel accommodations be overbooked AFA will accommodate or clients in a good quality private apartment)
  • Will I be able to open a line of communication with the women prior to my travel?
    With your tour deposit you will be given a 30- day Platinum Membership that will allow you to choose the contact information for any 100 of the profiles featured on our website for a 30 day period. You are free to contact any of these women on your own with an introduction letter & photo. This is a great way to set the stage for your arrival. (Our Express Email Forwarding Service and Phone Translation Service are available to assist you in this communication, for additional fees, should you feel the desire to express yourself in a personal way prior to our invitation.) We understand that you may have a special message to communicate, whether via the written word or verbally.
  • Will you help me with the Fiancee Visa paperwork should we have the desire to start the filing process?
    You will be given a Fiancee Visa Kit with your initial deposit. This kit is a step-by-step package written by Russian/American Immigration Attorney Ms. Jones. It contains all the necessary forms to start the Fiancee Visa Process. Ms. Jones came to the US via the visa process and is a highly qualified and competent attorney. Additionally, you will receive a 30-minute Fiancee Visa Question and Answer session in your choice of DVD or VHS format. This same DVD will be available for you at any time during your tour.
  • The Fiancee Visa Filing is a legal process and I do not feel comfortable doing it myself; besides, if I make a mistake my fiancee may never forgive me. Do you offer professional services?
    Yes! We offer both a Basic Service and a Premium Service to handle your Fiancee Visa Petition filing, as well as extended services to assist your fiancee through her part of the process. We would like this to be as easy and painless as possible, for both you and your fiancee, and to get it done right the first time.
  • May I choose my own travel dates?
    Absolutely! You choose the dates - we will handle the rest. All airfare and accommodations are subject to availability and 30-day advance notice is required.
  • Will this increase my odds of success?
    We will do everything in our power to remove any obstacles that could prevent you from having a wonderful tour and finding success. If you have the desire to make this service work for you, then our assistance with all the details will be a valuable tool towards accomplishing your goal.
  • Will the women be hesitant to travel to meet with me?
    Our name is synonymous with trust and long-term stability, allowing the women to feel comfortable in agreeing to travel and meet with you. The women have our guarantee and assurances of safety and reputation.
  • How will the women know if they are interested in me?
    Our trained and professional staff will ask you to complete a short questionnaire about yourself and include a photo. We will use this information to qualify you to the women that you desire to meet.
  • Will your company assist me with my foreign entry visa?
    Yes. Upon receiving your tour deposit you will be sent the appropriate Ukraine Visa Application or Russian Visa Application. You will need to send us your passport, two photos, the completed application and appropriate processing fees 30 days prior to your tour by either FedEx or DHL. (Expedited processing available for additional fees.)
  • If I extend my tour for more than the 7 days will your office continue to make introductions on my behalf?
    We will be happy to continue both local and travel introduction services for you and the ladies you desire to meet for additional fees. Please email with a specific request for the number of day you would like to extend the service and we will be happy to quote an appropriate fee. Contact Us!

Individual Romance Tour Includes:

  • 30-Day Platinum Membership $95.00 Value (for your personal and private contact purposes)
  • Fiancee Visa Kit $89.50 (step-by-step guide, complete with all necessary forms for filing)
  • Round-Trip International Airfare from JFK to destination city (Departures from many major US cities or connecting domestic flights available upon request for additional fees.)
  • 4-Star Hotel Reservations - 8 days, 7 nights (5 Star upgrades or apartments available if you prefer for additional fees.)
  • No Limit Personal Invitations PRIOR to your tour.
  • No Limit Meetings with women from our database DURING your 8-day, 7- night tour.
  • Airport Arrival Pickup & Greeting
  • Airport Departure Send Off
  • Sightseeing Tour - Professional Guide to top places of interest
  • Support for all the ladies you have the desire to meet. (You pay only the acquired expenses necessary to bring her to the city for the meeting, stay and subsequent return)
  • Orientation Summary & Package - Contains a written Orientation with the best advice possible from a combined 30 years of matchmaking tours and experiences. Includes City Guide, Places of Interest, City Map and Metro Map.
  • Electronic Translator FREE for the duration of your stay (deposit required).

Individual Tour Fees: Kiev, Ukraine - Low Season (Oct 1st - March 31st)

Room CategoryDuration - 8 days / 7 nightsPer additional night
Superior Single$3195$120

Individual Tour Fees: Kiev, Ukraine - High Season (April 1st - Sept 30th)

Room CategoryDuration - 8 days / 7 nightsPer additional night
Superior Single$3645$140

Individual Tour Fees: St. Petersburg - Low Season (Oct 1st - May 18th)

Room CategoryDuration - 8 days / 7 nightsPer additional night

Individual Tour Fees: St. Petersburg - "White Nights" Season (June 9th - July 9th)

Room CategoryDuration - 8 days / 7 nightsPer additional night

Individual Tour Fees: St. Petersburg - High Season

Room CategoryDuration - 8 days / 7 nightsPer additional night
  • 30 day advance booking required for all tours.
  • Individual Romance Tours are a minimum 7 days.

Individual Romance Tours without airfare begin at $2280.
Individual Romance Tours without airfare and hotel accommodations begin at $1795.

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